OptiSource, LLC carries a comprehensive inventory of waveplates in standard diameters and wavelengths. Typically, waveplates are available as coated or uncoated components. Ring mounted waveplates are available as standard inventory offerings. These waveplates can be purchased using the listed pricing matrix, which can be found on each product page. Non-standard dimensions, shapes and wavelengths are also available, but require a quotation for price and delivery. Please contact OptiSource, LLC Technical Sales for all of your non-standard requirements.  
Download Waveplate Pricing
Download Waveplate Mount Pricing

General Waveplate Specifications

Standard Thickness Range: Product Dependent Transmitted Wavefront Distortion: λ10 @ 632.8nm over clear aperture Surface Quality – 10-5 over clear aperture Parallelism: 0.5 arc seconds Clear Aperture – 85% of central dimension Retardation Tolerance: λ/100 – λ/600 typical – Wavelength Dependent Damage Threshold: 1MW / cm2 (CW), 10J / cm2 10ns pulse Material: Synthetic Single Crystal Quartz Coating: AR « V » Coat; R<0.25% per surface BBAR Coat; R avg ≤ 0.50% per surface Waveplates can be ordered as coated or uncoated components. Please specify if your waveplates are mounted or unmounted.
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**Retardation specification only, does not infer order codes
OptiSource Large Format Wave Plates (WP)  and Various Non-Standard Mounts

OptiSource Large Format Wave Plates (WP) and Various Non-Standard Mounts