OptiSource, LLC maintains a standard offering of plane and spherical mirrors for a multitude of laser lines in a variety of materials. Plane mirrors are offered in BK7, Fused silica and Zerodur™, while spherical mirrors are offered in BK7 and Fused silica. Mirror substrates are available in standard diameters and thicknesses listed in the mirror section of the website. Non-Standard dimensions and shapes are also available. Please review your desired product by clicking on the product tab in the mirrors section, or request a quote using our custom Window RFQ form. All OptiSource mirror substrates are available as coated or uncoated components.
OptiSource Metal Coated Mirrors

OptiSource Metal Coated Mirrors

General Mirror Substrate Specifications

Materials: BK-7, UVFS, ZerodurTM Standard Thickness Range: Product Dependent Surface Figure: λ10 @ 632.8nm over clear aperture (λ/20 for ZerodurTM) Parallelism: 5 arc minutes Clear Aperture: 85% of central dimension Dimensional Tolerance: Diameter/length/Width: +0.00 / -0.250mm Thickness: +/-0.250mm std. Chamfer: 0.350mm X 45° typical

Standard Laser Mirror Coating Types

Excimer Cavity Laser Mirrors, Excimer Mirrors – ArF(193nm); KrF(248nm); XeCl(308nm); XeF(351nm-353nm) N2 Laser Mirrors (337nm); He-Cd Laser Mirrors(442nm, 325nm) Ar-Ion Laser Mirrors (448nm, 514.5nm); Copper Vapor Laser Mirrors (511nm, 578nm), He-Ne laser mirrors (632.8nm); Ruby Laser mirrors (694.3nm, 348nm); Alexandrite laser Mirrors (720nm – 780nm), Ultrafast Laser Mirrors (710nm-830nm, 770nm-900nm) Nd:YAG, Nd:YLF Laser Mirrors (1064nm, 532nm, 355nm, 266nm), YAG Harmonic Beamsplitter mirrors (1064nm, 532nm, 355nm, 266nm); Double Wavelength YAG Laser iros (1064nm/532nm); Double Wavelength YAG Mirrors (1064nm / 633nm or 670nm) Forsterite laser Mirrors (1235nm), Iodine Laser mirrors (1315nm), Er: glass Laser Mirrors (1540nm), Tm:YAG Laser Mirrors (2010nm); Ho:YAG Laser Mirrors(2100nm) Diode Laser Mirrors (670nm, 780nm, 803nm, 905nm, 980nm) Semiconductor Laser Mirrors for Telecom (1319nm, 1550nm)