OptiSource Part Numbering Scheme

Achromatic Waveplates: Achromatic Waveplates are comprised of 2 different birefringent materials, magnesium fluoride and crystal quartz. The combination of these two materials assembled in an air-spaced, allows for higher quality polarization values over a broader spectral region than quartz Zero-Order Waveplate. OptiSource provides achromatic waveplates for 4 different bandwidths over the visible to the near IR regions. These are 450-650nm, 550-750nm, 650-1100nm, & 1050-1500nm.

Product Code: ACWP

  • Substrate Materials: Synthetic Crystal Quartz / Magnesium Flouride
  • Achromatic Waveplates are available an air-spaced assembly
  • Polarization stability over broad bandwidths
  • Transmitted Wavefront distortion
Component Ø (mm) Component Ø Code Minimum Mount Clear Aperture (mm) Mount Ø (mm) Mount Ø Code
15.0 06 13.0 25.4 R10
25.4 10 22.1 30.0 R12

Standard wavelength regions: 450nm-650nm; 550nm-750nm; 650nm-1100nm; 1050nm-1500nm