Low-Order Waveplates range in thickness from 0.100-0.250mm. This product line provides improved stability against polarization shift due to thermal expansion in a single (multiple order) element format. Because of the reduced thickness, Low-Order Waveplates can also be used in femto-second applications without significant pulse elongation, while still being thick enough for easy handling.


OptiSource Part Numbering Scheme

Product Code: QWPL

  • Low-Order Waveplates are available coated or uncoated; with or without anodized aluminum mounts
  • Customer specified antireflection coatings are available
  • Standard diameters for standard wavelengths can be ordered at matrix pricing for the required quantity
  • Please contact OptiSource Technical Sales for your non-standard requirements: sales@optisourcellc.com

Download Low-Order Waveplate Pricing