Lenses Overview

OptiSource offers a limited amount of lenses in Plano-convex and Plano-concave configurations made of either BK7 or Fused Silica. Please review our selection of lenses by clicking the “Lenses” tab on the home page of the website. Lens substrates are available as coated or uncoated components. Non-standard radii, configurations and dimensions are also available. Request a quote using the Lens RFQ form.

General Lens Substrate Specifications

Materials: BK-7, UVFS
Design λ for BK-7 Lenses – 633nm
Design λ for UV Grade FS Lenses – 260nm
Surface Figure: λ10 @ 632.8nm over clear aperture
Surface Quality: 20-10
Centration: 3 arc minutes
Clear Aperture: 85% of central dimension
Diameter/Length/Width: +0.000 / -0.250mm
Chamfer: 0.350mm X 45° typical