Located in Albuquerque, New Mexico’s rustic North Valley, OptiSource, LLC is well into our third decade of providing a wide range of optical components for some of the most exacting requirements in the Photonics industry.

Since opening in 1997 and concentrating on providing crystal quartz waveplates and polarization rotators for the industry, OptiSource has expanded our offerings to include bare and laminated mica waveplates, Achromatic waveplates, windows, mirrors, lenses, prisms and simple optical assemblies.

We have been fortunate to partner with a number of top photonics companies and catalog houses worldwide.

As we work in our 3rd decade, we hope your will experience what we believe to be our most important characteristic; our desire to share in the success of our customers projects and products as a result of partnering with Optisource.

If your desire is to team with a group of knowledgable, motivated and committed individuals, please call us with the requirements for your next important project. 

ITAR Registered Company