Multiple-Order Waveplates are the least expensive option in quartz waveplates for polarization control.  Multiple-Order Waveplates are wavelength and polarization specific. This product is more susceptible to polarization shift due to thermal expansion. Standard multiple-order waveplate inventory is modeled on thicknesses of 0.300mm – 0.600mm for components 10.00mm – 30.00mmØ and 0.600mm-0.800mm for components >30.00mmØ.

Product Code: QWPM

  • Multiple-Order Waveplates are available coated or uncoated, with or without anodized aluminum mounts.
  • Customer specified antireflection coatings are available.
  • Standard diameters for standard wavelengths can be ordered at matrix pricing for the required quantity.
  • Please contact OptiSource Technical Sales for your non-standard requirements:
OptiSource Part Numbering Scheme

OptiSource Part Numbering Scheme

Multiple-Order Waveplates QWPM

4 Inch Multiple-Order Waveplate – QWPM

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