Windows Overview & Specs


OptiSource, LLC provides a variety of laser grade windows in the following materials: BK7, UVFS, Suprasil™, & Infrasil™.  These windows are available in standard diameters and thicknesses listed in the windows section of the website. Non-Standard dimensions and shapes are also available. Please review your desired product by clicking on the product tab in the windows section, or contact OptiSource Technical sales for to request a quote. All OptiSource windows are available as coated or uncoated components.

General Window Specifications

Materials: Materials: BK7, UVFS, Suprasil™ & Infrasil™ are available on request
Thickness Range: 0.040mm – 50.80mm (Product Dependent)
Surface Figure: λ10 @ 632.8nm over clear aperture
Surface Quality – 10-5 over clear aperture
Parallelism: <1 arc second to 5 arc minutes
Wedge Window Tolerance: Specified Wedge +/- 5 arc minutes
Clear Aperture – 85% of central dimension

Dimensional Tolerances:
Diameter / Length / Width: +0.00/-0.25mm
Thickness: +/-0.25mm (*+/-0.001mm achievable)
Chamfer: 0.35mm x 45º typical (Product Dependent)