Dual-Order Waveplates: Dual-Order Waveplates are designed to function coincidently at more than one specific wavelength and polarization. OptiSource, LLC designs Dual-Order Waveplates to meet a minimal retardation specification of 1/100th of a wave (λ/100) for both wavelengths. In the event that the design is unable to achieve this minimal specification, OptiSource will ask the customer to define the wavelength and retardation for which the design should be optimized. Please be aware that many times the only coincident thickness occurs at significantly higher orders than standard OptiSource designs for standard Multiple-Order Waveplates.

  • Please specify wavelength and polarization state for both wavelengths
  • Dual-Order Waveplates are available as coated or uncoated elements, with or without anodized aluminum mounts
  • In the event the standard minimum QWPD polarization tolerance of

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